Jo-Kell CEO Profiled in Leadership Magazine

Referring to her as “the consummate optimist,” Jo-Kell’s CEO Suzy Kelly was profiled in the recent issue of Inside Leadership magazine.

InsideLeadershipCoverPublished by Inside Business, The Hampton Roads Business Journal, this quarterly glossy provides, in the words of its editor, “in-depth treatment to those in positions of influence who make effective choices in leading others, choices that produce positive and lasting results and outcomes that make a real difference in our community and businesses.”

The profile of Suzy Kelly tracks her role with the company from the earliest of days, her focus on employees and community and what that all means to the people around her.

“She leads from the realm of realism, as strategic and creative a thinker as they come, powered by faith and the desire to serve,” reads the story by writer Nora Firestone.
suzykelly-InsideLeadeshipThe story also outline Jo-Kells approach to a corporate culture where employees feel a part of something larger, genuine concern for their wellbeing, and security.

“This confidence and support,” says the story, “creates an air of appreciation, loyalty and productivity.”

You can read the entire profile online both as a webpage <HERE> and as a digital magazine <HERE>.

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