Almost 90, But Not Ready For Retirement!

Chesapeake, VA (March 12, 2008) – Why was Ned Gregg “King for a Day”? Because at almost 90 years old, Ned is still a member of the work force! On August 23rd, Ned will celebrate his 90th birthday!

On March 10th, employees of Jo-Kell Inc., an electrical distribution and engineering company crowned Ned “King for a Day” to celebrate and honor his career accomplishments. Ned drives from his home in Kilmarnock to Jo-Kell in Chesapeake. Some might wonder why he is still working at ninety. Ned loves what he does and especially the people he works with!

The festivities began at 8am. When Ned arrived he was presented with a King’s robe, crown and scepter. Ned was also given a new walker that the employees had personalized (“pimped out”) to make him the talk of the town! Special guest arrived for a lunch time presentation that included a customized song sung by all employees as well as a “This is your Life” slide show! Ned has worked with Jo-Kell Inc. for the last thirty years when the company was first founded by Joseph Kelly.

Ned graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He began his career at Universal Wiring in Providence, RI and went on to start his own consulting business, Gregg & Associates which was later sold to Eaton Corporation.

Ned has no plans to retire and will continue to share his wisdom and advice as long as he is able to get up and come to work!

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